This page displays when a user first accesses the council ePathway web site and provides the user with the following navigation options;

Sign In : By selecting the ?Sign in? link (top right hand corner), a web user who is already ?registered? with council can gain access to their registered functions in ePathway. Once selected they will be taken to the login page.
By selecting the ?Register? link (top far right hand corner), a new web user can lodge a request to become ?registered? with council. Once selected they will be presented with the web based council registration form and will need to enter the requested information.

The specific options available here will be dependant on council?s exact configuration. For example the ?Register? link may not be available, or addition options (eg ?Print? or ?Close?) might be added.

In addition to the above, the following provisions are available from this page.

Public Access

The menu in this case will provide access to what is commonly referred to as ?public? functions and these do not require the known relationships that a user forms with council when becoming a ?registered? user. All additional functions in ePathway are only available to registered users.

With ?public? access, typically it will be possible to lodge customer service requests (for example, a Lost dog or Noise problem etc), and in some cases the facility to make payments (for example, pay for a parking infringement or similar). This is reflected in the example below.

The exact ?public? functions available will depend on the council?s implementation of the system.
Council Services

The body of this page will usually contain descriptive content surrounding the types of services and related information that council offers via the web ? and this may include ?links? to other sites.